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Applied mindfulness as a theme is traditionally not presented in the LSS methodology roadmap. From my personal observations and experience this is a missed opportunity.

When caring about  total quality and continuous improvement processes while looking for Red-X’s the interaction with colleagues, customers and suppliers plays a significant role.

In  most of my projects the human factor has always been of great significance. The theory of LSS gave me  hardly any input about this.

I am an engineer with expertise in practical improvement methodology,  not a psychologist, with  42 years experience. In my day to day work I remember things that went very good and things I should have improved because they went completely wrong.

In those years I made some interesting observations.

Starting with my personal behavior and mindset that had a significant impact upon the results of my interactions. I became enthusiastic about human interaction in seminars and in personal projects. I observed that I was not alone, a lot of people who were in the same seminars and projects had a similar experience.

My second observation is that in  industry and business a lot of valuable people get ill from the stress they experience. Various factors make that a part of the working population is suffering from this disease. Stress is incredibly counter productive and is spreading through society. Can we stop this?

Next, people who suffered from a life threathening disease or people who suffer from chronical illness can live completly peaceful and thankful and balanced.

A last observation is that sports and nutrition are well known promoters to total personal condition management.

Reflecting about yourself and the processes and people you are interacting with may initiate  improvement mechanisms and could build up resistance to stress factors.

A practical applicational tool that can be very effective and it is science based is Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). For me personal, tools of awareness were eye openers.

Based on the above mentioned I decided to present tools for self reflection and interaction as an additional part of applied LSS i.e., personal care and management strategy.

I consider it an  improvement and added value to present a toolbox for Mindful Lean Six Sigma (MLSS). This toolbox provides a practical roadmap in day-to-day working activities. It enables everyone to start and  seed  improvement.

The positve aspects about MLSS are,  simplicity and ease of use.

You just need to start and bring it to life.

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